Pre-Columbian Art and Antiquities by Arte Xibalba
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Arte Xibalba and the Ancient Art Market:

Arte Xibalba strives to acquire and offer only items in good condition for their period and style relative to other examples extant in the marketplace. We do not buy objects that have been significantly restored and/or overpainted and will make you aware of restoration or conservation work done on any item we offer.

Arte Xibalba is happy to provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity for any item you purchase.  We are committed to selling high quality objects at affordable prices and working with you to enhance your collection.  Every object purchased by Arte Xibalba has been legally acquired and, if imported by us into the United States, has been done so in strict consideration of all international treaties governing objects of cultural importance.

The colors and textures on each work of art we offer are represented as close to the actual condition as our digital photography will allow. However, some of these pieces have very subtle shades and details which may not be apparent in the photos. Capturing the burnished surfaces of ceramics and stone objects is a challenge and we do our best to be as accurate as possible. If you are working with matching colors for interior design purposes, please feel free to ask us for additional images and information or send us color swatches. We are happy to work with you to assure your satisfaction.

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