Pre-Columbian Art and Antiquities by Arte Xibalba
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : African : Sculpture : Pre 1960 item #1443045 (stock #AF225)
Arte Xibalba
A huge Bwoom Helmet mask from the Bushoong Kuba people of the D.R. Congo. According to legend, Bwoom was sent to Earth by his father (the great God Woot), to establish the Kuba kingdom. This enormous example is 15” high, 11-1/2” wide and is masterfully carved. The face is decorated with inlaid beads and has a finely polished patina. An impressive example with great presence. Comes with custom stand.
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : African : Weapons : Pre 1940 item #1443044 (stock #AF302)
Arte Xibalba
A trio of deadly-looking spear heads from the Congo region, early 1900’s. These fine examples are 4-3/4” to 5-1/2” long, are made from iron and feature a prominent mid-rib, hollow shaft and sharp barbs. Nice set of uncommon points.